Vacuum Pump Information

We do not have a recommendation for any specific pump.  The pump we use is a dual stage, 5.5 CFM pump with an ultimate vacuum of 2 pascals.   The CFM is overkill so we rarely open the vacuum-side valve all the way.  In terms of ultimate vacuum, 2 Pa seems good.  It doesn’t pull air around the reservoir piston on a WP shock.

On our pump we were able to remove the smaller flare fitting and install the quick-connect fitting included with the Shock Bleeder.

For example: this vacuum pump on Amazon is offered in two versions.   Single stage at 5 Pa and dual stage at 0.3 Pa.
(Not a recommendation.  Just for reference.)

This vacuum pump on E-bay is a dual stage and cheaper. 
(Not a recommendation.  Just for reference.)